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Pioneering the Shift from Employee to Partner

Most people want to do the best job they can, be well compensated for it and be recognized and respected for their achievements and talents. They want to have their ideas considered and appreciated and want to feel a real sense of accomplishment and contribution in all that they do.

We say that the path to this experience is through ownership and accountability, which are the fundamental building blocks of creating “partnership”. However, accountability has been misused and abused in most organizations. Therefore, most employees don’t recognize the opportunity that it can afford them.

They can produce exactly what they are looking for when they create “partnership” with their co-workers, employees, superiors and stakeholders. When people operate as partners they trust and respect each other. They listen powerfully to every person they interact with. They speak straight and authentically. They clean up any upsets or problems responsibly. They include people in their thinking, ideas and projects. They work accountably and innovatively.

When a culture of partnership is present in any organization the best qualities of people, their best efforts and their best work and results occur naturally. They feel part of a company that cares for them. They experience being part of a larger vision working in collaboration to fulfill the shared goals of an aligned future.

Our commitment is to a new future in the way we relate.


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