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“We all hunger for moments of spontaneous interaction, authentic intimacy and unquestioned love; that connectedness that makes us feel whole. We hunger because these experiences are too few and far between in our relationships….all of them….at home, at work, in the community and around the world.”

Joanne Black, SVP Marketing


When we relate to each other as partners…we establish a new premise from which to interact. It shifts our view of the other person and gives us a new understanding of their value in our lives. We stop settling for a truce, disharmony, abandonment or outright attack in our divisive commitment to being right. We are called on to open our minds and our hearts to include their perspective, their feelings and their concerns so that all of our relationships can flourish.



  • Divorce rate is 45% and rising
  • Hate crimes near 10,000 annually
  • Domestic abuse happens to 33% of women
  • Child abuse cases are now more than 800,000 per year
  • Gun related casualties are reaching 100,000 annually
  • Mental problems found in 26.4% of Americans

These symptoms of our estrangement and distrust will continue until we:

  • Stop seeing each other as adversaries
  • Connect through our love and appreciation for each other
  • Operate as partners in life and on the planet

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  • Preparing people to be in a relationship
  • Enhancing working relationships
  • Restoring broken relationships

Our programs are for single people, married and unmarried couples and even just one of a couple. Everyone deserves the practices that have been missing in our world. And the world needs as many people as possible to be using and living these practices.

Participants consistently report that the practices dramatically alter the way they relate: starting with a more loving relationship with themselves, attracting new relationships, breaking through barriers to intimacy, deepening existing bonds, fortifying their ability to strengthen their union and finding the joy and satisfaction they only dreamed about.
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Trusting You Are Loved, Practices for Partnership fully expresses the 10 practices, based on 18+ years of working with thousands of people. They are:

1. Trusting You Are Loved
2. Listening with Compassion
3. Authentic Apology
4. Forgiveness
5. Speaking From Your Heart
6. Creating Safety
7. Creating Intimacy
8. Handling Upsets Responsibly
9. Expressing Appreciation
10. Honoring Your Commitment

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COURSE I: Trusting You Are Loved

Trusting You are Loved course in Dallas

Trusting You Are Loved offers the “practices for partnership” in a 2 ½ day format. This course not only brings the book to life but also is an experiential journey into the realm of partnership…an opportunity to let your mind go on vacation and spend a weekend in your heart.

We define partnership as: The conscious and deliberate way of relating that provides the safety for and validation of another so that the unique gifts of each person are realized, expressed and contributed.

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  • Communicate effectively and from the heart
  • Recover from upsets quickly and lovingly
  • Restore the harmony in any relationship
  • Identify differences at the heart of issues between men and women
  • Take the fear out of commitment
  • Walk the pathway to the intimacy we all want
  • Stop the Destructive Cycle of Relationships
  • Trust and empower yourself in your relationships


  • Power and healing from Trusting You Are Loved
  • Increased feelings of belonging, intimacy and connectedness
  • Being fully heard and appreciated
  • Personal freedom and openness
  • Love and honor for yourself and others
  • Being fully loved and totally safe
  • Generosity and kindness of others
  • Peace from living from your heart

This way of operating in all of our relationships calls on us to use our hearts, along with our heads, to communicate well, to establish trust or to accomplish any goal together. It may mean that we have to employ unseen aspects of ourselves to have our relationships thrive and flourish, because we have only used these gifts “unconsciously” in the past. As we embark on this journey we find our own inherent strengths and gifts in relating.

Course Schedule

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Course I: Trusting You Are Loved
A Special Workshop For Men

A man will do to himself in 10 seconds what he wouldn’t let another do to him in 10 years. Want to stop that??

Trusting You Are Loved is a powerful weekend of healing, where you will discover:

• You are not alone in life
• What it truly means to be a man
• How to forgive yourself for everything
• How to balance your head and your heart
• How to access your power without domination
• How to deal with feeling like you’re never enough

Course Schedule

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COURSE II: Your Self in Partnership

Dallas Yourself in Partnership

Your Self in Partnership is a powerful, two-day program designed to take the distinction of Trusting You Are Loved to a deeper and more practical level. It is the opportunity to discover a most precious treasure – our Core Values. Our Core Values influence the most fundamental choices we make in life, shaping who we are and who we are destined to become.

Once you have completed the Trusting You Are Loved course you may want to more fully engage in the distinction of Trusting You Are Loved, in order to discover more about yourself and what’s possible in your relationships when living from your own magnificence. You can then participate in this program for TYAL graduates only.


  • Recognize what’s at the heart of your suffering
  • Rid yourself of old negative beliefs
  • Access what is at your essence
  • Discover what guides your actions
  • Understand what causes your upsets
  • Honor what brings you peace and fulfillment
  • Trust your thinking and be guided by your inherent goodness


  • Your own magnificence
  • Your own unique contributions
  • A new freedom to choose
  • How much in sync you have been with yourself
  • How to stay true to yourself
  • An expanded ability to let yourself be loved

Course Schedule

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COURSE I - Trusting You Are Loved

"This brilliant course takes you deep into the heart of your relationships. It sidesteps the familiar psychological discussions about relating, of man-woman distinctions, and allows our direct, visceral experience to teach us. Trusting You Are Loved is more than the name of this course--- it is an active, courageous step into the power within that nurtures and guides us in life. It has had a sustainable and transforming effect: it hit me right where I really live--- not in my head, but gently, firmly in my heart.

In this course I re-experienced a joy and willingness to trust my relationships, without suspicion, judgment or fear. It reaffirmed my truth that I am in charge of the quality of my relationships.

The practices offered in this course are powerful in their simplicity and provide a fluid blueprint for creating and sustaining love in my day-to-day relating. The course gave me clear, necessary practices to dissolve the hard knots of communication, as well as effective ways to resolve upsets

The course itself just loves you into it. It is brilliantly led by two loving, seasoned relationship divas, Francine Epstein and Rita Reneaux.

I really loved this course, and it loved me back. What a wonderful life-affirming experience. The deep place where I experience relationship continues to transform, because I am more willing to trust the inherent value and goodness of my relationships.

More than ever before, I am willing to trust that I am loved, and to trust the love others have for me. The course cracked some hard places of fear, resistance and distrust in me, and now, several days later, my experience of loving acceptance---and trusting I am loved---gathers strength.

I have no reservation in recommending this course to everyone. It has deeply altered my capacity for accepting love from my spouse, my family, indeed everyone I meet!"

MH, Advertising Consultant

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“This course was simply the best thing we have ever done for our relationship.
I now realize that what I wanted from every course or workshop related to life & relationships is what I got from this one. My wife & I were in the workshop together and after 27 years, we rediscovered what it is to feel like newly-weds once again.

This course reached into my soul. It is the roadmap to living successfully as a human being.

JC, Executive Coach

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“While I have participated in many "personal growth" events, this course is by far and away the most nurturing, loving and immediately applicable. It is deeply profound and lasting. My husband and I did the course together and have discovered (rediscovered?) a new way to be ourselves and to be in communication with another when things are working and when things are not working. We have found the course work applicable to really listening and communicating in relationship with our daughter, our friends, our family and our business partners and potential partners. I invite each of you to explore with either Rita or Francine the possibilities this course may hold for you. It is by far, the best gift you could give yourself. “

KE, Journalist

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"The Trusting You Are Loved course has made a huge difference in the quality of my relationships. The practices I learned in the TYAL are practical, not theoretical. I use them regularly, both in my primary relationship, and in family and friend relationships. Misunderstandings and miscommunications are infrequent and easily resolved. Disappointments don't build up; they are handled and released. I remember to give my partner the benefit of the doubt when I am upset, and often find out my automatic assumptions were incorrect after all. Since the TYAL, my relationships are more satisfying and peaceful as a result of learning and using these practices."

KM, Business Owner

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”Gentleness, when skillfully applied, can penetrate to the core of a person, much like water through stone. Francine and Rita have created a safe and powerful container in TYAL so that each person can explore the very foundation on which they stand. The realizations are profound and life changing. The pilot light of passion went on in this course. The results continue to contribute to my life and to others. Thank you for your abilities to restore, create and inspire people at a level often thought of as impossible.

TR, Trainer

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"TYAL has given me everything I need to nurture and maintain the quality of relationships I always knew was possible. Not only did I get insight and tools for relating with others, I now have the ability to trust that I am loved, a boundary that provides safety for me as well as others. The impact TYAL has made in my life sustains me on a daily basis, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking satisfying, fulfilling relationships."

NBG, Sales Manager

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COURSE II - Your Self in Partnership

“During this course, I was able to identify and eliminate the obstacles I had to Trusting I am loved. Now I feel free to have true partnership in my relationships.”

M.L., Film Production VP

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“Doing the Core Value work had me feel like I had come home. I realized what my friends and family had been telling me for years – I am a good man. I was better able to value myself.”

T.H., Advertising VP

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“I can now remind my husband, in case he forgets, to listen for the core value behind my communication and when he does, his automatic defense system disappears and voila! I feel valued, I feel known, I feel loved, I feel heard, I feel honored.”

J.R., Event Manager

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“I feel that I understand people better in general. I really see the person that I am looking at and I'm in touch with who they are instead of a judgment about them. This happens without thinking about it. I would say that the course has made me a better human being.”

B.W., Image Consultant

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“The Your Self In Partnership provided a powerful setting for me to discover what is core to my heart and soul. This has allowed me a very safe and centered space from which to express myself”.

G.R., Financial Advisor

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“The greatest thing I got, which I believe will have a lasting impact on my life, was the conversation about core values. HOT ... RIGHT ON THE MONEY! Truly, from what I can tell, it’s the source of upsets, miscommunications, etc. I thought it was outstanding! This topic of core values makes SO MUCH SENSE to me -- it's a matter of interpretation!!!! And the exercise associated with it was the BEST! I LOVED the course! And I'm thrilled I was in it!

R.W., Legal Secretary


"Francine and Rita are extraordinary listeners, and when they work with couples,
they manage to mix clarity with compassion in their communications. Their work
has made a big difference in our relationship. We have more skills at working out
disagreements, but more importantly, we can now speak and listen to each other from a place of love and compassion, instead of upset. We are very grateful for the time we spent with Francine and Rita. Thanks!”

SC & SJ, Austin / Dallas, TX

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"We accomplished more for our relationship in one 2 hour coaching session
with Francine and Rita than we did in a whole year of marriage counseling.
We were on the verge of divorce and now, instead, we are a reunited family. We are eternally grateful.”

KC & LC, Mill Valley, CA

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"There have been times when we have not been able to work things out
for ourselves and our well intentioned endeavors have led to increased upset and separation for us both. That’s when couples coaching has provided a compassionate space of listening in which we can both experience being heard and loved. This calms our emotional static and enables each of us to listen more clearly and brings us to an understanding of what's truly going on, setting us back on track for returning to our loving and committed relationship.”

LS & MS, London, England

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“Without couples coaching and the TYAL, we wouldn’t be together today. The coaching pulled us back from the brink two years ago and since then has supported us through some truly desperate moments. With their loving presence, skill, wisdom and ineffable “magic”, they create a safe harbor where hurts and conflicts can be transformed into understanding and partnership.”

LM & DG, El Dorado Hills, CA

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“The TYAL work was very healing for me although sometimes I felt that my husband was not hearing me. So afterwards, allowing ourselves to be coached by Francine and Rita was a heartfelt experience, which gave us the capacity to see what our true potential was as a couple. We discovered how to embrace each other fully. For me, it was an awakening of myself, which allowed for embracing my beloved with an open heart. Thank you for the experience, one that we will always treasure.”

PB & BB, San Francisco, CA

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