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Our Personal Relationship Programs

Our programs are for singles, married and unmarried couples and even for one half of a couple. We welcome partnerships of all kinds.

Trusting You Are Loved more info…

This program offers the “practices for partnership” in a 2 ½ day format. It not only brings our book to life but also is an experiential journey into the realm of partnership…an opportunity to let your mind go on vacation and spend a weekend in your heart.

The practices dramatically alter the way you relate: starting with a more loving relationship with yourself, attracting new relationships, breaking through barriers to intimacy, deepening existing bonds, fortifying your ability to strengthen your unions and finding the joy and satisfaction you may only have dreamed about. (testimonials)

Trusting You Are Loved
A Special Workshop For Men more info…

All men welcome: married, single, teen, straight, gay or bi.

You are invited to join us for Trusting You Are Loved, a journey into the exploration of what it means to be a man -- in this time of your life, and in this time of history.

This course has a proven, powerful and impactful track record for being a safe place to discover your strengths and transform your weaknesses.

Isnít it time to reclaim a loving relationship with yourself?

Your Self in Partnership (for TYAL graduates ONLY) more info…

This program is a powerful, two-day program designed to take the distinction of Trusting You Are Loved to a deeper and more practical level. It is the opportunity to discover a most precious treasure – our Core Values. Our Core Values influence the most fundamental choices we make in life, shaping who we are and who we are destined to become.

Once you have completed the Trusting You Are Loved course you may want to more fully engage in the distinction of Trusting You Are Loved, in order to discover more about yourself and what’s possible in your relationships when living from your own magnificence. (testimonials)

He Said, She Said
Understanding Women / Appreciating Men

***Everything you've ever wanted to know about Men & Women***

Have you ever wondered what makes women tick? As Venus do you have a clue about what goes on with Mars?

Come join us for a fun, informative, inspiring and impactful day where you will be able to ask all those questions of the opposite sex and get answers!

Everyone is welcome! Graduates and Guests.

You will experience:

*Being fully heard and appreciated
*Feeling loved, safe, honored and UNDERSTOOD
*Satisfying your curiosity
*Recovering the possibility of relationships working.

A Day for You (a one-day workshop for Women)

Tired of comparing yourself to everyone else?
Ready to feel safe and at peace with who you are?
Want to know what really makes men tick?
Join us for an inspiring and impactful day
where you will journey deeply into your soul and
come out empowered and in love with yourself!

You will experience:
 Being fully heard and appreciated
 Feeling like your own best friend; loved, honored and cherished for who you are
 Stepping into your wisdom, wholeness and authenticity
 Restoring the possibility that relationships really can work - especially the one with yourself

Couples Coaching

This coaching is done privately to support married or unmarried couples, friends, family members, etc. to relate in a more loving and honorable way. It is done from the heart and with the kind of compassionate listening that provides complete safety. Whatever the issue, it can be raised and resolved through openness and communication. We strive to return you to the heart of your relationships where resolution can occur and healing, understanding and trust are restored. (testimonials)

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