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To enable today’s workforce to operate in powerful partnerships with each other and their customers so that quality products, a satisfying work environment and increased profits are a natural outcome of their endeavors.


Our programs are designed to revolutionize the way we relate, fostering partnerships internally and externally. Employees want their efforts to make a contribution, and yet, they often thwart their co-workers, themselves and their results in unrecognized ways. Our programs create distinctions that awaken the participants to aspects of interaction that have caused problems in the past. We then offer them some new and powerful practices and perspectives that allow them to easily step into new actions, conversations and thinking, all of which, produce powerful partnerships.


Our Facilitators have worked in corporations as consultants and coaches for many years. As behavioral experts, they excel in the delivery of our programs. Their capacity to create a safe learning environment results in people being open to participating and eager to learn. Participants are at ease and enjoy our programs even while making profound shifts. You can count on them to model and operate from being accountable, committed partners. They are their work!

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Francine brings to The Partnership Advantage almost 30 years of dynamic and in-depth behavioral expertise in her consulting work. After studying Communications and Psychology at two different campuses of the New York City University she began her career managing five different district offices of a nationwide educational training organization. It was there she developed her management and leadership skills while at the same time discovering her talent for creating powerful partnerships.

Francine and her husband owned their own business for 15 years working with thousands of individuals and couples to have their relationships be more satisfying and fulfilling. They authored a book entitled “Trusting You Are Loved – Practices for Partnership” and founded The Partnership Foundation, a non-profit organization, dedicated to creating partnership in relationships in the home, the family, the workplace, the community and the world. Their work is also captured on audio and video tapes, and they did numerous public speaking engagements including many radio and TV interviews.

Francine then took her expertise into the corporate world and has been doing executive coaching and facilitating courses and retreats for small and large groups, which focus on transforming the relationships between executives, teammates and family owned businesses into powerful, productive partnerships. It also allows companies to create powerful partnerships with their customers to ensure lasting customer satisfaction and loyalty. This has earned her the reputation as one of the top facilitators in creating committed partnerships and designing collaborative cultures in the workplace.

After working on her own for a number of years, Francine partnered with Rita Reneaux to create The Partnership Advantage in order to bring the power of partnership into both the business and personal arenas.

Francine has worked with many Fortune 500 companies including those in the following industries: Mining, Fertilizer, Gas & Oil, Chemical, Marketing, Airline, High Tech and Insurance.



See Francine's appearances on "View from the Bay"



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